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How to Feel at Home in the Place You Rent

Premier Real Estate Group - Thursday, May 12, 2022
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Tips to Make Where You Rent Feel Like Home

Now that you have found a place to rent, it is time to move your things in. But are you wondering how to make the place you are renting from feel like your own home? Here are a few ways to feel at home in the place you rent without causing any permanent changes to the rental. From furniture, curtains, and rugs to kitchen decorations and lighting, there are plenty of ways you can personalize your temporary home.

Add Plants to Breathe Life into the Space You Rent

Plants are a great way to add natural tones and healthy feelings to the place you rent. Even if you have never cared for a plant before, you can find species like spider plants, cacti, and snake plants that are very low maintenance, easy to care for, and can adapt to various environments. There are also benefits in adding plants to your rental house or apartment to clean toxins and pollutants out of the indoor air you breathe.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Do you think of the previous living condition of the rental space you just moved into? Although rentals should always be cleaned in between move-outs and move-ins, cleaning the rental space yourself will give you greater piece of mind. You can find cleaning products with scents to make your new space feel and smell like home. Consider the cleaning products your family used in the house you grew up in or buy candles to bring the pleasant scent of home into your new rental apartment or house.

Find Furniture with Storage

In the case of renting an apartment or small house, it is likely you will wish to keep all your things with you rather than packing it up and paying for a storage unit. One of the best practices as a renter is to find furniture that doubles as storage space. Furniture with storage include coffee tables and stools that have hidden built-in storage. Cube units and bookshelves are an obvious choice and quick fix to organizing your things in a small space such as your rental apartment. Cube unites are great for random items like art supplies, kids’ toys, extension cords, tools, and more to all be organized and hidden from view. 

A big piece of furniture that typically has a lot of storage built in is the bedframe. You can easily find bedframes with built in storage to bring into the space you rent and store blankets, sheets, and more in the drawers underneath the mattress. Finding furniture with built in storage allows you to keep all your meaningful items, books, extra clothes, and decorations with you in your rental space rather than let it all sit in boxes in a storage unit.

Bring Your Style into the Place You Rent

Decorating can be a fun endeavor, but in a rental place you will have limitations to the ways you can style. Minimal ways to bring your style into the place you rent include laying rugs, hanging light wall décor and pictures, coordinating colors between pieces of furniture, and piecing together the final touches according to your taste. Rugs are a great way to not only emphasize your style, but they can help preserve the integrity of the flooring in your rental. Rugs come in basically any color, pattern, and texture to match your style.

Carefully hang décor and pictures on the walls to bring photos of you and your family and design style to make your rental space feel like home. Be sure to properly hang frames and décor pieces according to the weight of the item and placing on the wall. It is also best to check with your landlord if only small holes like thumbtacks are allowing to be made in the walls of your rental home or if you are able to use nails or screws on the walls. 

Coordinating colors of your décor pieces, furniture, and more will greatly improve the feeling of home in the place you rent. Consider painting your furniture or adding accent pillows to your couch to make a consistent look and feel that represents your style. Also, the cube unit fabric boxes come in a nearly limitless amount of colors and pattern so your style can be consistent in your rental apartment or home. In the bedrooms and bathrooms, match the colors of the bedding, towels, and rugs to keep your rental space looking like your style. Having your favorite colors and styles throughout the place you rent will help you feel at home.

Light Up Your Rental Space

Oftentimes, rental properties only include the permanent light fixtures built into the ceiling or walls. Pick your own ambience with stand-up lamps and tabletop reading lights. You can also change the light bulbs to warm and cozy lighting or to bright LED lights for a cleaner and more modern look. A design tip to follow for styling with lighting is to keep larger lamps in the corners of the room to prevent the disruption of moving from one room to another.

Things to Remember When Customizing Your Rental

Do not cause any permanent changes or damage to the rental space that requires you to pay out of pocket when you move out. If you wish to paint the walls, change light fixtures, or make any upgrades to appliances, check with your landlord beforehand. If you are unsure whether your DIY home project is allowed, it is best to ask and get approval before you start. Be sure to invest in furniture that you can easily take with you when you move out of the rental apartment or house.