"Premier Real Estate Group has exceeded our management expectations. As a Military homeowner stationed overseas, we were very worried about how we would be able to maintain our home from abroad. Those worries quickly faded. Premier is quick to respond to issues from both renters and owners alike. They have reach back to quality trusted agents for all types of home repair, landscape, and appliance replacement at very reasonable prices. Our home has never gone unrented. We totally trust Premier to manage our home. They also do a fantastic job of sending easy to read monthly and end of year statements. Go with Premier and you won't be let down. "
Brent and Mary Elizabeth Coryell | Owner

"My name is John Nevin and my wife and I live in Millbrae, California. We have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Lance Gordy for twenty-one years and he has been our real estate manager for that length of time. Premier has assisted us with the acquirement and disposition of several pieces of property which we had previously owned. We are proud to state that the Premier Real Estate Group is a very painstaking real estate management service relative to accuracy and detail and whose enterprise control certainly demonstrates competence and ease from the opening of the property sale to the closure. Premier's attention to intricate treatment, with our transactions, has made my wife and I feel very comfortable knowing that our property has been placed in experienced and knowledgeable hands. Premier's office staff is extremely responsive as well as they attend to our requests.

My wife and I are proud to recommend the Premier Real Estate Group to any prospective clients who seek honesty and stability from a well-qualified real estate company whose accommodation to customer reliability stands far superior pertaining to what may be required by the public in general. Wholeheartedly, we offer this personal declaration in support of the Premier Real Estate Group and to their potential customers who may walk through their doors."

-John and Barbara Nevin | Owner

"For the past 25 years the current property manager at Premier Real Estate Group has managed my accounts and made me very financially comfortable. They are so good my last 3 purchases have been site unseen. That’s trust.

So forget stocks and bonds. They are just paper with no value and poor returns. But rental property, that has real value. Everyone needs a place to live. But you can’t build new homes today for what you can buy them for. The return on investment is healthy. Put your money to work or lose it.

A special word to our military. You are the best, but your pay is low, your pension is disgraceful, and free lifetime medical went out years ago. You will need money. Get with the program. Sit down with Premier Real Estate Group and learn how to retire at 42. Really retire. I did!"

DW | Owner

"Tired of “0” interest on your CD’s? Would you like your money to really work for you? This may be the perfect opportunity to purchase your first “income property.” Presently, homes and condos in the Colorado Springs area have become ridiculously affordable. And, the return on investment is impressive. The many military facilities virtually guarantees fast rentals. My husband and I are taking advantage of the economic downturn by adding additional homes to our portfolio.

Not sure if income property is right for you? Or, how it works? Just call Premier Real Estate Group. Premier has been our managing company for many years. The staff is refreshingly professional and courteous. And, there are no buttons to push!! The boss is always available and is personally involved with rentals, purchases, sales and maintenance. So, what are you waiting for? Call now! Premier is a five star operation. You’ll be so glad you read this review!!"

-Judy B. | Owner

"My wife and I have nothing but good things to say about any and all the folks we had dealings with at Premier. From the first time we walked into the office until just this past week when our dealings with Premier were concluded, we were treated with kindness and understanding. Any time we needed help during the time we rented our home, we received it quickly and with no problems. We would gladly deal with this company again if the opportunity presented itself. Thank you again"
-Dave Pippins | Tenant